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It happend to us in 2006 with my fathers licence,, we took a road early in the morning, was still dark, and there was a tree blocking the road
didn't think anything of it at first, but when we got out to pull it off the road, someone had pulled it with a truck to break it across the road.
So we pulled it off the road, drove by, put it back, went hunting and got a nice 55", 20pts 700lbs meat little buck
. Got it at 7am, by the time we cleaned it and loaded
into the truck, the guys that had blocked the road drove in...P#$%^^& Off that we had gone in and not respecting their signs
Mind you,, we never noticed the signs when we drove in at 5am, but they were there, at every side road you could see, and all blocked with ribbons

So when they started to chew the rag at us for not respecting their signs etc.. I told them that we never seen the signs, wich was true,
but the broken tree in the road told us that it was a good hunting spot since someone took the time and effort to block it, so that's where we went.

My buddy, a few years back was driving back to the camp at around at 12o'clock at night on Wednesday before Moose season, when he passed a side road
and noticed something in the road, so he went to see what it was, 2 trailers facing each other, one on each side of the road, with awnings
opened, tables, chairs, stoves, everthing blocking the road,,, so he woke them up and told them he was hunting back there and that they were spending the night in the stand, wich was not true at all,, so he made them move everything, took like an hour, all the time telling them they shouldn't block a road like that, drove passed their trailers a couple hundred yards, turned around and left

Maybe they'll think twice before blocking a road again
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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