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moose hunting party how many?

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Hey guys,just wondering how many people you usually have for your moose hunt.I have gone on a few moose hunts with three and that has always worked real good [1st gun,2nd gun/caller and the camp @#$%*]This year i'm one of the callers in a 2 licence party!They are bringing one extra body for a total of seven on 2 licences.Slightly more than i'm used to,but still looking forward to it yeha !!! Anyway,just wondering what kind of party the rest of you usually get in on.
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I'll let you know just as soon as I get the chance to be in on one !!!!
We're gonna be 14 guys in camp this year; 4 guys for 3 licenses and 2 stay over at the camp.

Moosebuck takes along 4 other guys with him I think.

Ideal moose hunting party consists of 4 guys IMHO. One caller per gun. If a critter comes to the call and hangs tight, than an offensive can be planned with the caller attracting the moose in his / her direction, while the shooter takes position with the wind in his face.
Four is ideal. 1 caller, 2 guns, 1 for preparing meals, keeping beverages cold, extra scouting, keeping tabs on the other hunting parties.
The extra hands for getting the moose out sure comes in handy.
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4-2 guns and the other 2 scout and take care of cooking.I will be one of the other this year,which is kinda nice to sit back and relax a little.
There is two guns, two callers in our hunting party, wish i could bring my camp ****??
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