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moultrie trail cam questions

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I noticed that cabelas canada has the moultrie 5.0 outfitter ir on sale for 199.99.They also have a new model moultrie 6.0 outfitter ir for 139.99.These both sound like really good deals, but here is where the confusion starts.The 5.0 has an "ir flash" for night photos but it says the 6.0 has an ir "motion sensor" and does not mention anything about night photos.So do they both take ir night photos or does the 6.0 only have a regular flash.The 6.0 would be a steal of a deal for that price but if it does not have ir flash night photo option i will go with the 5.0 outfitter.[ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS ONE?]
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Both have ir flashes,the 5.0 has 72 led flashes and the 6.0 has what looks to be 24.
I have a couple of the 5.0 outfitter cams and they work fine. I don't know about the 6.0 performance though.
hi there fellow new brunswick hunters ,i am a newbie to this fine website and a fine website it is.i am from northern new brunswick, and as you probably know by now ,this is moose country so i just baught a moultrie m-100 from vergas outdoors trough e bay, to keep track of our hunting spots, i like the idea that this trail cam has a 2 inch lcd screen built in, so their is no swapping sd cards, the pictures are there instantly.paid 159.00$ delivered home from the states ,i have 2 more trail cams one is a spypoint and a bushnell both work good but this little moultrie m-100 is by far the best quality for price ratio!i also use it for spring bear and deer!! yours truly hope it helps!
Welcome aboard goulou67!
Enjoy the site. Lots of good info in all the threads. Some pretty good humour too
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