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My family and friends Big bulls from the past.

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My 2009 Bull had 20 points and a 56" spread-dressed 810 lbs.

This is my cousin Tony's 2006 Bull 28 point 49" spread and dressed approx 1000 lbs

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This is my cousin Shawn's first moose on his first ever moose hunt.The bull had a 52" spread and 21 points-dressed out at 900 lb.
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My uncle Guy got his best bull ever in the fall of 2003, the bull had 24 points a 48" spread and dressed out 1060 lbs.
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Moose hunt 2008 with NBBUCKS, this is NBBUCKS 51" 14 point-dressed out 880 lb.

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Very nice bulls,you guys have done well over the past years
Hey RR,That's about as good as it gets here in New Brunswick!........anywhere,for that matter. Excellence,is the word that comes to mind.Keep up the good work!
Great moose! Gotta love the big boys when they come to the call.

What zones were these shot in?
I'll try to get some more on here, my uncle Donald has a 24 point 49" bull to his credit, just cant find a pic of it.We have many bulls in the 36"-48" range that i may get on here.The bulls are from zones 15-16 and 21.In my family we have 5 bulls that make the NB record books, mine, Shawns, Tony's, Guys and Donalds all score 170" plus net, its just like hunting deer you have to let them first lil ones that come in go.It may be real difficult to some but its the way we hunt.RR
Hey Bucknut, i think you said your going to zone 12? this bull came from the Bowater piece of zone 12.Hes over 60 inches. Good luck
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Man, those are some fine Bulls...
Great photos...I will try and get up a nice pic of my 2009 bull from base...only 16 points but he pushed 47"...very cool looking rack
There's some pics of our 2009 Bull in the gallery, No idea how to put pics in my post.
Shot by a buddy, 200 yards, 7mm 160 gr accubonds. Went 15 yards
60.5" wide
1100 Lbs.
Best hunt of My Life
I remember that mega bull from last year Stewy, hope to find his brother this year.Did your bud happen to have him scored?
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