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My first bear

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Here is my first bear ever, Shot her about 20 yards with my pse xforce with rage 2 blades, died within 20 yards of the bait and had a complete pass threw,So far i have 3 shots with 3 complete pass threw and 3 dead animals withing 30 yards of the shot with the rage 2 blades. Simply just lethal
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Nice bear, I am guessing it was shot across the bellisle around wickham?
awesome bear. i have the same set up with my bow. works great.
Congrats, nice bear, i have taken two deer and 1 bear with rage two blade and they lived up to the hype, only had one bad experience with rage this spring when i didn't get any penetration because of the bear's shoulder, wasn't the broadheads fault, just the guy behind the release .... again congrats on a nice bear!
Great Bear!!! Congratulations. A bow kill makes it even sweeter.

A little advice, if you can in the future take some pics at the killsite. You'll not only get the natural surroundings but also the "immediate" emotion from the hunt. I know its easy to say, but I try to take em in the woods all the time now. Looks nice in an 8 x 10 up on the wall.

Once again great job and those rage broadheads ripppppppp a HUGE hole in any animal. I dont change things that work, but I must say I am seriously thinking about changing to those broadheads, 2 blade style. Most of my hunters use them and when you have a black bear blood trail that you can walk without bending over all the time, well thats enough said..LOL
healthy lookin' coat on that bear!good job! nice decals in the back window too.
Congrats on a nice bear! I really like that first picture, I'd like to see some other angles, but the "from below" perspective definitely makes for a great picture
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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