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New Bow Company (MaitlandUSA)

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I have been bow hunting for many years, and like most archers have gradually moved up the ladder in bow technology and equipment.

I started out with an old Browning Cobra. An all laminated "wood" riser and limb compound bow.
It has small "plastic" cams (round wheels)on it.
I cannot shoot it any more because the limbs are warped.

My next bow was another Browning. A "Timber Wolf". It to has a wood riser, but fiberglass limbs. It too has "plastic" or "composite" cams/wheels.
I hunted with the latter one a few years, but never shot a deer with it.

Then in 1993 I saw an add in an archery magazine for a new bow from XI (Indian Archery). It was called the "Flatliner", and was one of the very first bows to feature radical, or speed (also called hatchet cams). And it was a very fast bow for that time.
Well I fell in love with the look of that bow, and I had to have one.

And the next year I just happened to find one at the Atlantic Archery Center. It was the 1994 model (Myles Keller signature version). He is a well known big buck record holder, and was an endorser of these bows.
I hunted with that Flatliner for about fifteen years or so, and shot my very first archery buck with it. A 226 lb nine point at 20 yds.
I also shot a few other bucks with it in that time.

I have always been closely following the archery equipment advances up through the years, and was again very impressed when Mathews came out with the "Switchback XT".

I wanted one bad, and began plotting to acquire one. I figured I was due for an upgrade by now.
But as I studied and read reviews on bows of that year, A new company called Bowtech was just starting out and promised some real interesting bow designs. I started looking at the 2006 Tribute, and the more I looked the more I love it. Eventually it won me over, and beat out the XT in my "new bow" race.

I still love the look of the Mathews, and would still like to own one someday, just for my collection.

The Tribute is an "awesome" bow and has done me well in the four years I have hunted with it. I have taken three bucks with it. Got skunked last year(had a biggun at 15 yds twice in the same ten minutes but limbs were in the way).

Then in 2008 I fell in "bow" love again with the Bowtech "Guardian", and I also started to get a real interest in "Target bow finishes". And once again I just "had" to have one of these bows in the "Firestorm Grey finish". I also wanted a 60 lb bow to shoot all year long, without having to back off the limbs on my 70 lb Tribute. (I actually leave it at 66).

Well lately again, still following all of the new models coming out from all of the manufacturers. Especially Bowtech. I started toying with the idea of another bow in my arsenal

Now I know I don't "need" another bow. But hey.. I don't drink, or smoke. I don't even have a 4 wheeler, or a boat. Archery is the only real hobby I have except for maybe videotaping wildlife. I work a lot, and send all kinds of $$ on Mortgage, Insurance, gas, power, vehicle repairs and countless other "non" fun items. So what the heck! Ya gotta live a little. It's also nice to have a "back-up" bow in case you drop yours out of the tree etc.

I don't use my rifle for deer much any more as well, so don't have to buy ammo for it. After all, I "am" archerynutNB!

Anyway… this year I started out with the new Bowtech "Destroyer" in mind. But after reading about some problems with that bow. I went in other directions. Elite "Judge", Hoyt "Matrix"(Man I love the look of that bow) and it has been given outstanding reviews. I still want one really bad.. but at $1600 bare bow??? !!

Then it was the Strother "SR-71" that got my attention. A very fast (340 IBO) bow with great reviews, from a fairly new company. Elite is also fairly new on the bow scene.
Strother has been having a lot of order cancellations though because of not being able to keep up with production demands. People have been waiting for as long as 6 months or longer for a bow!

I also belong to another archery forum in the US, and I have been following the progress of a new bow company started by a guy in Reno Nevada. His name is Rob Maitland, and he designed two bow models from the ground up. He even asked for input from members on the forum. And he offered a few of the first production run bows to members at reduced prices.

Well I fell in love with this bow design (my weakness again), and had to own one.

So a few days ago, my new bow arrived and was added to my growing collection. The Company is called MaitlandUSA. And the two bow models are the "Zeus", and the "Retribution". The Zeus is a 38 inch axle to axle bow with a 36 inch riser, and is primarily designed as a target bow. The long riser adds to the balance and steady holding ability of the bow

The Retribution , at 33 inches is their primary hunting model. They are also promising a few more models for the 2011 lineup.

There are a few other technological advances in the design, such as using a "block" insert where the limbs mount to the riser. It is a lot more stable than the traditional "limb pocket" system for when the limbs are backed down in poundage. It also has an extended "Bridge" on the riser ends, to support the split limbs.

I chose the "Zeus" model and once again a "Polished Target finish". I can't help it…like a fancy car…bows like this …just turn my crank!

I haven't shot it yet, since I haven't had the $$ to order all the goodies for it. I do have an old whisker biscuit here that I could put on it. But I think I will wait till I get my new limb driver rest, and set it up right from the start.

These two current Maitland bow models are not "speed" bows by any means. The IBO rating are around 318. They were designed for target/hunting accuracy, and smooth easy drawing in a tree stand, even in cold weather or at extreme angles etc. But they are coming out with "fast cams as well in 2011 (for those that want that speed)

I do like speed in a "hunting" bow, but for target it isn't that critical. I would rather have a smooth draw for everyday shooting.

For anyone who wants to check out the new company and their bows, here is the web site link.

So… with out further a due…Here is my new "Gorgeous" arrow launching machine….my "baby"

Introducing one… of the very few, "first production run" models ..of the brand new MaitlandUSA "Zeus"!

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Very nice,you must be dying to shot it.Hope you have good luck with it.
Very nice,you must be dying to shot it.Hope you have good luck with it.
Thanks dude! Yeh, I can't wait!
i'll post up some more pics when I get her all "tricked" out!
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Best lookin' unit I've seen in a long time, archerynutNB! She screems, Shoot me!!!lol. Do they have a Hybrid version for those VTX cams? Could not find their website?
"Thanks" Hoytman! Thats the only cams they have out at this time. They have a speed cam (VTR I think)in the works for the 2011 models. The special deal they had gong is over now. The only way to get one is through their dealer network. The link to the website is right up there above the photo's.
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Great looking bow!!!Can hardly wait to hear how it shoots!!!
Great looking bow archerynut. Looking forward to hearing how she shoots.
Thanks guys! I may get it "roughly" set up this weekend and put a few arrows through it. Will let you know how it performs.
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Best lookin' unit I've seen in a long time, archerynutNB! She screems, Shoot me!!!lol. Do they have a Hybrid version for those VTX cams? Could not find their website?
Actually Hoytman, the VTX cam "is" a "Hybrid" cam system. There is a Control cable,(for cam timing adjustments)and a split bus cable that maintains draw length and draw weight). Draw length is module adjustable down to 1/8 inch increments.
I Shot my Maitland "Zeus"for the first time, on Saturday. I haven't had the $$ since I got it, to dress it up the way I want yet. And I didn't want to swap the stuff from my Guardian, just to try the Zeus.

But on Friday I went to a local bow shop to get some loop material, and they just happened to have a Limbdriver in stock (which around here is very rare). I bought a peep as well, but didn't bring my bow, so couldn't get it put in. The only press I have is a Bow Master, and I haven't got the split limb adapters for it.

I installed the rest, and tied on a loop. Then I shot it a bit up real close to the target. But I wanted to shoot it at longer distances to get an idea of it's accuracy.

The only spare sight I had kicking around was an old Sight Master I used years ago. So I slapped it on the Zeus. I had to shim it a bit with a couple of Thunderhead washers, and o rings, to get it to clear the Limbdriver chord. It was still rubbing a tiny bit, but I could shoot it at least. All I did to set it up was level my arrow with the berger holes, and eye it centered on the rest.

I did not have to touch the Limbdriver at all for right and left, it was dead on from the factory. I then made some small windage adjustments on the sight, as well as setting elevation at 20 and 30 yds. That's all I did before shooting this video. All in all I shot about 20 to 30 arrows to set it up.

I love this Zeus! It draws smooth, very slight hump at the first of the cycle, levels off then drops very softly into a solid wall. No creeping ahead. It is very similar to the Guardian in draw, Perhaps a tad smoother, Just a "Fun" bow to shoot!

And as you will see. This bow will put them together, even with no peep and my crude sight. I'm also shooting pretty quick here, and not checking my form to closely.. so take that into account on my accuracy as well. This bow is way more accurate than I my abilities I'm sure!

If deer season opened tomorrow,I would not hesitate to take this bow with me in the stand...just as she is here.
But that is not what I bought it for. This is just a "fun" practice bow!

I will shoot another video when I get her all dressed up! Then we'll see her really drive some tacks!

Anyway, enjoy the video, I enjoyed making it.. and shooting my new Maitland "Zeus"!


(Pt 1)

(Pt 2)
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That is some collection of videos you have there.That Zeus looks like it would be a pleasure to shoot and it it looks like you are enjoying every minute.

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That is some collection of videos you have there.That Zeus looks like it would be a pleasure to shoot and it it looks like you are enjoying every minute.

Thanks! Yea I do get out with the camera a bit!
The picture quality tends to degrade by the time I get it on You- Tube though.

Yes I do love this Zeus, I just want that new CBE sight real bad now!
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Picture quality looks good to me. No peep! Show off!!! lol. I love the looks of her at full draw past parallel. Quiet rig too!
Thanks Hoytman!

It's usually the wildlife videos that get pixely. This video was a very large file, so didn't turn out too bad. pt 1 was 300+ MB and pt 2 was 500+ MB. It took two hours for pt 2 to load onto You-Tube!
No peep?..Yea...well... I had to have something to use as an excuse if I blew the shot group!

Yeah I am really pleased with it. Now to just get it set up properly.
I hope next year to get a few more toys, like a full size bow press, and vise etc.

And really big dream in a year or two?...My own dome building with a shooting range to shoot in, in the winter!!
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