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Official 2010 NB Deer Hunt Contest

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2010 NB DEER Hunt

This is a friendly contest among members of the site so we can have a forum to display our successes and to enjoy each others hunts. We all truly enjoy this time of year and I know that I look forward to this the whole year. I am sure that goes for most of you. So I ask you all this please do not turn this into an argument or hateful banter or slander. I wish for this to be fun and enjoyable. I trust in all of you veterans of the site that you guys can help me keep this contest in good tastes. Now that I am done with that here is what I have come up with for the contest. All of which can be discussed but once registration is complete the rules will not be changed.


1. Site Members Only

2. NB Deer Only --- Bucks and Does

3. Team Style Format --- Size to be determined after registration complete but not likely more then 4 or 5.

4. Cut Off for Registration 1st of September(To give time for team making/naming/SMACK TALK)

5. Must Register in the Registration Thread to be eligible for contest

6. Bonus for Archery -- Must be clearly shown in your entry photo

7. All Awards are Bragging Rights

8. All entries must be in by the Wednesday following the close of Deer season


Doe = 10 Points

Bucks = 6 Points + 1 Point per 1 Inch Point

Archery Bonus = 1 Points

Now hear my take on this, I feel that taking a doe to help manage the herd is sometimes just as important if not more important than taking a small buck say 2-4 pointer. I didn't want teams to feel punished if you would for taking a doe so scoring is quite fair in that department. Let me know what you think on this it is open for discussion.

IMPORTANT --- Your photo/photos submitted of your deer must clearly show your 2010 NB deer tag. It must clearly show all points and a visible comparison if points could be in question(I.E. close to 1 inch long). Photos must be ethical, no major amounts of blood all over the place no disrespecting the animal. Stuff like that. The right is reserved to remove any entry if photo is deemed unsuitable(this can be discussed) but it is just my thoughts on the subject.

Hunting Camp/Adventure Photo Bonus Points

So this is kinda new I wanted to add something to get some photos out and about throughout the season. This will be a 1 photo per team member entry and is worth 1 point per photo to the team. Does not have to be submitted with a deer, can be entered anytime.

Can be anything from a shot of you at the hunting camp with buddies, could be a great shot of the big deer woods we all love. It could be a massive deer rub, something that really impressed you that you think other people might like to see.

Just make it something original. That emcompasses this great time of year and captures the spirit of the hunt.

1 Point per Photo

1 Photo per Team Member

Let me know what you all think of this.


1. Biggest Buck -- Most Points

2. Best Story/Recount of Your Hunt

3. Overall Winner -- Team with Most Points

4. Skunk Winner -- Team with Least Points

5. Best Typical Rack

6. Wildest Non-Typical Rack

7. Best Hunting Camp/Adventure Photo

Please let the feedback happen and lets hear some discussions. Hope this is along the lines of what people are looking for.

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Russ great job for jumping on this and good overall rules and regs

Only thing I may suggest is when drawing for teams make it random....ya hunting with some guys that live close would be nice but not totally fair for this contest. For example 4 guys get on the same team from Sussex / SJ area then a team of 4 guys from the Bathurst Campbellton area.
follow where I am going with that.

easiest way to make it random is once you get all the entries and have decided on how many teams just count the teams off by the order people entered
so if you have 40 entries you decide on 10 teams so you count 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
I am sure you follow by now

anyway just my thoughts and great job

you could always add heaviest deer and people that enter that category must use the girth scale and take photo to show evidence.
I can post the girth scale if you want
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ya i think i agree with u on the random thing maybe it will just be nice so people can see where everyone s roughly going to be hunting and maybe can hook up if they choose. I took almost all of the ideas that people mentioned and some more things i had in mind and i hope people like the contest.
I second that Russ, great job setting this up! Sounds good! I wasn't on here last fall too much, so missed that contest. Glad I can get in on it this year. Heck, I might even get a deer with my bow this fall!
Got skunked last year...had the same bigun at 15 yds twice, and no shot!
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great idea russ

looking forward to the season, and this will make it that much more fun!
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Bump to top. Guys could more people let me know if this looks ok I want to make final changes before September.

Not trying to stir the pot , but I never could understand why guys who get an extra 3 weeks to hunt should get bonus points .

IMO , 1 deer = 1 point (buck , doe , kid , doesn't matter when , where or how)
I like it russ. Thanks alot for putting this together. I like the bonus picture points. Should make for great posts. Not always about getting the deer anyway.
Thanx guys. I can't wait for the fall to get here it can't come fast enough.
Good job Russ....thank's for all the hard work you've been putting into this..I know that I wouldn't be able to do thank's again.
bump to the top so more can see planning will start soon.
GG 3 extra points is for the lower success due to the difficulty involved I would guess.

If it is to be kept fun then a high points type of scoring is best IMO as it gives luck a chance to rear its ugly head and allows any team the chance to win.
The advantage would be to someone who hunts with a bow and then switches to a rifle during gun season. Then I can see a definite advantage. I usually never think of that
since I stick with the bow till the end.

The biggest advantage though will go to those who have the most time to hunt regardless of weapon. Hunter effort always has the biggest affect on harvest numbers dispite everything else. Mind you a group of all experienced hunters on one team will be a tough nut too

I like the picture idea and it will keep things interesting and add a few more points to the mix. I always mean to take a camera along with me but never seem to, maybe this will motivate me to do so. I always say to myself, gee I wish I had a camera so I could capture that scene, moment, animal, etc. and never do, maybe now I will.

I just hope I get all my work around home done before the season so I can concentrate on an enjoyable season!
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I hear what you're saying, BT. This would work if we had teams of 6 and there would be 3 Bowhunters and 3 Gunhunters per team. This will only complicate things, unless Russ14's allready got a plan. The teams with more Bowhunters would have a 3 week lead on the other teams. I think it would be easier to just drop the extra 3 points, is all. Unless we can devide the teams 1/2 and 1/2. Just my 2 cents.
I am going to be dropping the archery bonus to 1 point some were in favor of getting rid of it all together and others wanted it so i figure 1 point is good for a middle ground.
I also dropped does to 8 points.
Just curious but why were the does dropped to 8 points? Now all does will score, at best, only with a yearling spike and anything bigger will beat it. I don't mind though cause I didn't get a doe tag
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i can put it back but i thought people didn't like where they were but i agree with u bowtech i believe a person filling a doe tag should still get respect some does do need to be taken u kno what i mean. I will think about it and maybe put it back.
After thinking about this and getting some opinions at work i am going to revert the scoring for does back to 10...that way they are on par with at least a 4 pointer.
good call Russ I agree (and I don't have a doe tag)
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