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That would suck!!! Penalty is: make him walk 20 yards, turn, place apple on his head and say to him "trust me, I'm a good shot"..LOL

Seriously though SL is right. Bow dont like to be handled, if they dont know bow then leave bow alone.

Thats another reason to get it turned up to 70 lb draw. Most cant pull it back then..LOL I love it when I'm shooting @ 70 and someones there watching me. They'll say "let me try it" LOL, I say "OK give it a whirl" LOL They put on the release grab the bow and tug and then their eyes get big and they tug again and then think I have a safety or something stopping them from pulling it back.LOL LOL I've never had anyone but a fellow bowhunter pull back 70 lbs. SL I know that Martin will serve you well. Good Luck.
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