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Whoohooo... Saw a fawn piebald today on the way to work. He was mostly white with brown splotching. Cute little fellow, hope he makes the winter...and the season

I didn't have a camera but maybe I'll carry one and see if I can't get a pick of him one of these days. I don't know how to run the one on my phone

I know of at least three piebalds within 10km of our place. Well there were three I don't know how many made it to this year.
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That's awesome! I've been seeing quite a few young ones this year. A lot of calf moose too. Driving last month I spotted two does close up in a field with four fawns running around.

I've also seen alot of fawns this year. Banner year for little ones. Lets hope the winter is mild.

Saw several does with twins and a very late born fawn just last Sunday that was very small.
There is a doe here close to home with 3 fawns...
I saw Bowtech's post this morning, and it reminded me of a few pics I took of a piebald this spring near Plaster Rock, in the East Brook area. Alot of people saw this one, and apparently there was an albino in the area as well, but I didn't see it. Thought I would share the pic.

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