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Question on moose hunt laws

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I want to know the regs for the moose hunt, as for bowhunting. this season the moose hunt is at the same time as the fall bow hunt for bear, i have my bear tag still available, can i bring my bow with me, with my gun just incase a bear walks in. I know its 1 weapon for one tag, but in this case i should be legal to bring both....if i cannot can someone show me some rules or regulation on this matter, What would one say if i went to court because i had 2 weapons in my moose spot, well there some bear at my moose spot (i can prove it with trail cams)....I am just trying to find rules on this subject...
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Each license holder can carry 1 firearm 2 days before and 2 days after the moose season!!
i know that wonsky, but i have a bear tag as well (BOW), if i dont have a moose tag i can hunt anywhere i want with my bow, so i should be able to have my bow and my gun during moose season and my buddies gun (second liscense on my tag)
I would say that if you were carrying (in possession) both, you might be in some pretty hot water. Not to mention, if bears are around, moose likely are not... That and usually they prefer different terrain. Perfectly fine to have one cased and locked in the trunk.

I cant remember where I found it in here. But this is the F&G Act for NB

NB Fish and Wildlife Act
Thanks bow for bear in moose spot, ive got a pic of 3 bears and 2 moose at the same time at my salt lick...
20(2) No holder of a resident moose licence, a designated
resident moose licence or a non-resident moose licence
shall carry or transport a firearm during moose season
in a wildlife management zone other than the wildlife
management zone indicated on the moose validation
sticker affixed to the licence unless the firearm

20(3) Subsection (2) does not apply in respect of bows
and arrows being carried or transported by a person who
has been issued a resident bear licence or a non-resident
bear licence under the Hunting Regulation - Fish and
Wildlife Act.
95-119; 96-63; 97-97; 2002-11; 2004-80
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in no place that ive look at the NB fish and wildlife act, i see that i cannot cary my bow with me during the moose hunt with my gun, i can hunt bear or moose at the same is the proof...LOL

see 3 bears in the background, with those 2 moose....
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In this heavy heavy regulated Province of NB you are out of luck. I understand your logic of wanting to bring your bow in the event that you also come across a bear, as you are hunting more than one species at a time.

From the NB Fish and Wildlife Act:

"firearm" means any device from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes a rifle, shotgun, pellet gun, air gun, pistol, revolver, spring gun, crossbow or longbow;

No holder of a resident moose licence, a designated resident moose licence or a non-resident moose licence shall have in his or her possession in a resort of wildlife more than one firearm during moose season.
95-119; 96-63
in that case i cannot have my bow with me because i have a moose tag, but if i dont have a moose tag i can go anywhere i want with my bow....these regs are to vague they should just say, if you have an moose tag you cannot hunt bear at the same time, what so difficult in understanding that
Just talk with a DNR officer, if i can proove that bear go at my salt lick, and i have a bear tag and moose tag i can bring both with me....
actually he only said it would help if any DNR officer asked me the question on what am i doing with a bow and a rifle in my moose stand...then again if driving in a road i see a moose, go after it with my bow shoot it and my gun is locked in the case then what? i am only using one weapon, the other one does not count cause its in the case...
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