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Question on moose hunt laws

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I want to know the regs for the moose hunt, as for bowhunting. this season the moose hunt is at the same time as the fall bow hunt for bear, i have my bear tag still available, can i bring my bow with me, with my gun just incase a bear walks in. I know its 1 weapon for one tag, but in this case i should be legal to bring both....if i cannot can someone show me some rules or regulation on this matter, What would one say if i went to court because i had 2 weapons in my moose spot, well there some bear at my moose spot (i can prove it with trail cams)....I am just trying to find rules on this subject...
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you could always leave your rifle at home and just hunt with your bow.
but if the dnr told me that i could only hunt with one firearm at a time, i would take my rifle and try to get the moose. seeing the season is only 3 days long and tags are so hard to come by. you still have lots of time to tag a bear.
just my thoughts, but you should call the dnr to be sure
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