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Question on moose hunt laws

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I want to know the regs for the moose hunt, as for bowhunting. this season the moose hunt is at the same time as the fall bow hunt for bear, i have my bear tag still available, can i bring my bow with me, with my gun just incase a bear walks in. I know its 1 weapon for one tag, but in this case i should be legal to bring both....if i cannot can someone show me some rules or regulation on this matter, What would one say if i went to court because i had 2 weapons in my moose spot, well there some bear at my moose spot (i can prove it with trail cams)....I am just trying to find rules on this subject...
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ya what takin time said... i've always remember that the week of moose season.. that all other seasons closed the start of that week and only opened the week after moose season closed... meaning, that during that week of moose hunting.. no other season's are open, including varmint.
Moose Sept 23-25

Black bear 1 bear per calendar year Sept 13-25, 2010 (archery only)

just looked at the guide(copied above from guide)... I guess archery season for bear is at the same time as moose season... interesting....
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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