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Question on moose hunt laws

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I want to know the regs for the moose hunt, as for bowhunting. this season the moose hunt is at the same time as the fall bow hunt for bear, i have my bear tag still available, can i bring my bow with me, with my gun just incase a bear walks in. I know its 1 weapon for one tag, but in this case i should be legal to bring both....if i cannot can someone show me some rules or regulation on this matter, What would one say if i went to court because i had 2 weapons in my moose spot, well there some bear at my moose spot (i can prove it with trail cams)....I am just trying to find rules on this subject...
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It's not up to you to prove squat! It's up to them to prove you are breaking the law by having a guy use a bow to hunt moose while you and your designated second hunter are using rifles. You don't have to show any photos or any tracks around your spot. That's stupid! Just because you decide to hunt a spot with no bear sign doesn't mean there are no bears arond.

That DNR guy doesn't make any sense! Your telling me that you have to hunt bear exclusively in your moose spot where you have a stand over salt. That's hideous. What if you are leaving your stand for dinner or to take a drive around to find a moose and come across a bear cloe enough for a bow. Or you set up at a watering hole for one evening and a bear comes out instead of the moose.

That DNR guy is a fool. Bears roam the woods and regardless of a salt lick you can actually call in bears with a moose call at times. They are predators and do eat baby moose.

I wouldn't take that officer's word on it. Call fredericton and get the actual truth.

One time hunting in early october with bow for deer I decided to bring in my 30-06 with me. Yes I carried both weapons to my stand. Bears do come out and I have seen many without bait. When I walked back down the hydroline to my truck on the side of the highway the warden truck was parked behind me. He was waiting for me. He asked why I had my rifle since deer gun season was not on. I told him I have a bear license also. He checked it out and everything was legit. never gave me a hard time.

There is no reason for not being able to bring along a bow during moose season when you are using a gun. IT's up to the law to catch anyone crazy enough to sit in a stand and shoot a moose with a bow while you are out hunting with a rifle. Not saying you would do this. I'm just stating that is seems the DNR is already assuming everyone that would bring a bow along to hunt bear is out to break the laws of moose season. It's not our taxpayer's fault they are so short staff.

That wardens logic is senseless. That's like saying you can't fish a salmon river for trout with salmon flies. A fly is a lure and nothing designates a trout fly from a salmon fly. I've caught more trout on salmon flies then with trout flies

Hers's a good question for the DNR guys. What if I bring my crossbow along with only field tips to shoot at a target along the road for a break as I drive around with my rifle looking for moose in mid day. Crossbows are not illegal in New Brunswick. But they are not legal for hunting. But I'm not hunting with it. What are they going to say then? I shouldn't be practicing with my crossbow. They have to catch you breaking the law!
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Maybe you are right?

From what I understand, crossbows are not considered a firearm by law. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's the same for a bow. Bows and crossbows are not requried to be registered. But under DNR regs crossbows are illegal for hunting. But you are not actually hunting with it when shooting at a target. Just like a bow hunter shooting at a target. I don't think there is any law stating you cannot discharge a bow or crossbow any time of year anywhere.

You are comparing a firearm such as a gun to a crossbow. Not the same deal.
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