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re serving strings

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Does anyone re-serve their own Bow Strings?

I have checked into it and doing the center serving doesnt seem to hard (done on the bow).
But i cant find anything on re-serving the string in the area that goes aound the cams. (Ends of the string)

I know you would have to remove the string/cable, but when this is done, how to re serve(unlike doing it on the bow, your string would not be under tension...???

Any info would be appreciated

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I guess i should be more clear, sorry,
its not the "string" that has the wear but the Buss cable (the split Y one)
the end serving that goes around the cam has worn exposing the string.

String and cable where just put on in MAY., but the "Y" cable is worn through the serving where it goes around the cam module. - PSE Brute, Single cam..
Buddy has a bow using same cam (NRG cam)and his "Y" cable is worn in the same area..
(Scopion cable/strings on both)

can this be re- served? or should i just use order another "Y" cable?

where do you get your Winners Choice strings from?

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