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I picked up one a few months ago from the gun shop in moncton (22-250). I love it. I like the snow camo on everything, looks sharp. The snow camo is kinda like a "wallpaper?", it's not painted on the gun. I have a few small scratchs from taking the gun out in the field with me but these very, very small. The stock looks black underneath but I am not worried about it. You can hardly see the scratches with the camo they blend right in.

The gun has a med-heavy barrel but I found that it is not too heavy to carry around. I did get a sling the same day that I got the gun. I find that it is balanced well too, even for the heavy barrel, I am not fighting to hold the gun up and swaying around when I am trying to put the cross hairs on target.

This is my first Savage with accuTrigger and I am impressed. I have a winchester model 70 (270) and I didn't realize how heavy the trigger was on that till I fired the Savage. I put the cross hairs on target, start to squeeze and it fires. It almost surprises me each time.

Sighted the rifle for 100 yards, very accurate. Haven't tried long distance yet but the gun will probably outshoot me. Scope is nice, 4-12 bushell on mine.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it has a internal magazine so you have to cycle the bullets through to empty them out. I like my rifle to have a clip on them, or aleast a hinged floor plate.

Put a bipod on mine, painted it white to match the gun. Overall all no issues so far and I am very happy. Hope this helps, Happy hunting.
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