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Scope for a new 308

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Hey guys, i'm thinking of getting a new 308 for this years season, i've been using the old 303 british my dad first gave me when i started hunting but i will be going into some bigger fields and stuff this year, so i need a gun with a bit more range.
I have been looking at the Savage 16 stainless, but i don't know much about what scope to put on it. A friend recommended bushnell, but most of them have adjustable powers and i don't know what i should be looking for. Like i said it will be some fields, some wandering around in the woods (although i might still use the 303 in the closer stuff) probably the longest shot i'll take at my new setup is a max of 200 yards. What do you guys suggest for a model and power of scope?
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I just put a King optics scope on my new TC .300winmag. They are made in Cape Breaton NS, lifetime warrenty. The guy who builds them, from what I am told is ex British military. He was an optics guy for their snipers, or something like that. If you have Wild TV, you will see the odd add for them. I love mine, was reasonably priced for what I purchased, unless something drastic happens, this scope will be with me for a very long time. You can google king optics canada, and you will find it.
Lots of good scopes available, it can be a difficult choice - for lower to mid range prices, bushnell has some good scopes. For the type of hunting you are talking about I would lean toward a variable in 3x9 - keep it on 3x in the woods, and if you want to shoot at 200 yards you can crank it up some. The only advice I would give you is not to go too cheap..spend what you can afford. There are some good mid priced scopes around (150-300 bucks). If you go too cheap, you'll probably find poorer vision in low light conditions, and more problems with fogging up in crappy, wet snowy weather (which you often have in November). I would also reccomend buying at a shop instead of mail order, and you can look through and handle the scope,look through some different ones, in different price ranges, and see the difference for yourself, and at most gun shops the guys will help you in selecting proper mounts and bases, which brings about a whole new range of choices in itself. I just got a new bushnell Trophy XLT in 3x9x40 (you can pick one up for about 150- 160 bucks tax and all), but I can't tell you much except it seems to be good and clear, decent in low light. I haven't had a chance to field test it in rain/snow. If you don't mid spending a little more, I would look at Leopold. Just my two cents worth - good luck, there is a lot to pick from out there!
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Pick yourself up a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40mm($225 or so plus tax),and forget about it!!
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Ive got a 3x9x40 Tasco world class on my .223 and she hasnt let me down yet even in the middle of winter time. Its costed around 120 tax in.
hey dand,
i've got a savage model 16 (22-250) and a 116 (300mag)and absolutely love them. i put bushnell legends on both of them ($175 each @ walmart).i find they are quite good in low light conditions and are adjustable from 5-15 power. some may say 5 is to high a magnification for a low setting, but i don't find it hard to find or focus on a close target.and the 15 power is nice when judging at antlers across a field.
100 percent with bushnell 3200 with bdc (bullet drop compensator) extremelly good scope and wont let u down. But also agree with tobiquer with the legend it has fully coated lenses in which allows for those early or late shots u may be dealt.
I have a bushnell banner 4-12 and a leupold vx1 and love them both. the banner is only $175 and it seems to work great in all light conditions.
I was always under the impression that your scope should cost the same as your gun but I don't know why that is.
You should put a good scope on whatever your gun is, for those who want a scope at all that is.

I bought a new .308 this year and have been playing around with it over the summer. I put a Leupold VX-L on it and comparing it to the Bushnell 4200 on my brothers .270 I can get about 10 more minutes of daylight through the Leupold. Mind you I have a bigger objective than he does too. I don't know how that compares with legal time or if it would make a difference but I know when he can't pick up an animal I still can. The question then becomes...Is several hundred dollars worth the extra 10 minutes??? Both are nice scopes and clear so I don't know if going better is worth it. The warranty is better on the leupold which will count for something if it ever needs fixing.
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For the record, your .303 should take deer VERY EASILY @ 200 yards.
For the record, your .303 should take deer VERY EASILY @ 200 yards.
Shhh, don't let my girlfriend hear you say that. I know the 303 "can" shoot out that far, but it's time for something new.
Never more than 200 yards, a 1.5x6 sightron s2 would be perfect.
We bought one for my boss years back at work, tracks perfectly and great f.o.v. on the low setting, perfect for brush hunting.
Or a fixed 4x would be the brightest and most durable...
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