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so who's got the worst moose draw record?

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i hate to sound negative, but i was wondering who has, or what's the worst moose draw record you've heard of?
the worst i've heard of is my buddy's dad. he got drawn the first year that he put in (when he was 18) and is currently on a 32yr dry spell. -now that sucks!
i've lost count myself but i'm around the 10 or 11yr mark and never been picked.
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I have a good friend and hunting partner who has NEVER been drawn. He has put in every year that the draw has take place. Hes near 80 now and can still out work most people in the woods. Really wish he would get drawn one of these years.
I got drawn in 1991, the first year I put in and it's been downhill ever since.
It took me 18 years to get my 1 for 20.

My cousin got his that same year - it was his first in 35yrs(his son is currently 3 out of the last 5) and my uncle went 30 years before his first.

Tips - hang in there!
i got mine when i was 18 first time i applied and nothing since...was lucky to be second gun last year
so....been 14 yrs

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Took me 16 years to get my first tag, then only 4 yrs to get my 2nd, this with the newly created ABC fairness pooling....

Not sure when the draw system started (I think it's '74) dad got his 1st tag in 2005, well over 20 years......5 years later, we're going back, he got drawn this year......C pooled....

Tips: lobby for a complete revamp of this embarrassingly flawed system, don't just chat about it. I write to DNR on this every year.

Party hunting application or a point system.
my dad hasn't been drawn since 1975 he did miss the draw a couple times due to serious back issues but that was a while ago

my best friend is 1 for 20 something but he 1 success was only 3 years ago

I was drawn when I was 18 and again 6 years ago. so I am 2 for 18
not too bad compared to alot of people
my father has applied every year since he was 18 and he is 58 now and he was never picked. Thats quite the system our province has isn't it.
20 years for me, 27 for my buddy

Maybe we should apply as non-residents? lol
My dad is 1 for 35, I'm 0 for 9, brother is 0 for at least 10 and probably more. As a matter of fact since moving back to the area in 01 I've only known 1 person that got drawn, the guy that lives down the road from my camp got drawn 2 years ago. Thats as close as I've been.
I am 1 for 19,took my dad 33 years to get his for the first time,my brother is 3 for 26.
Great topic guys!!!! My hunting partner got his this year for the first time since 72. His brother got it twice in 4 years.
It's been 13 years for me.

Best of luck to those who were the lucky ones.

I've been putting in since 1990 and have gotten my license 3 times including this year. Got it back in 94, 2006 and this year.

My good friends father has been putting in since there was a draw system. Be it the old style or the computer one and has never been picked and he is in his late 70's. I'm certain he has never missed a year since his son is a die hard hunter.

Definitely something wrong with our system. Turns honest hunters into poachers or guys to find themselves a native buddy. I've heard the stories.

The only way I can see how this might be improved is to allocated more tags for some zones. I mean a substantial amount and have a better priority system. The problem is now we have so mnay guys in the highest priority pool or would be in the highest pool if they made more pools like Alberta that it would still take a very long time to get picked. They would swallow up all the tags and many in the highest pools still would not get picked for many years. To help it out we would have to get the non-hunters out of the draw.

Reduce the number of applicants, increase the number of tags and create say pools 0 through 10 for each zone. 10 being the highest. Only people in the highest pools (9 and 10) to get tags until the tags are all allocated for each zone for that given year. Then if any left over after the high pools get allocated would there be tags drawn for the mid level pools numbers 6, 7, 8,. People in the lower pools(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, would not get drawn until they climb up to the higher pools by entering the draw every year.

The problem I see, Is where does the government start??? There are no records on file going back further then 1994 where we have been putting in every year. So the guys that have put in way back will not get credit for all those years. The worst record on file for not getting picked would be someone waiting 16 years and there are many who have waited a hell of a lot longer.
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Just saying the moose draw is flawed. Guys are tired of waiting for their tag. Natives have the right not to wait. That's been discussed on here already. I'm fine with the native hunting regs except not keeping count of what is shot. That's another topic! But some guys that are getting impatient find themselves tempted to go out for a moose hunt and will accompany native hunters. Or native non-hunters. This is happening.

Here's the scenerio: Guy goes for a drive, brings a native along and a rifle. See a moose, shoot the moose, no tags. Bring moose to meat cutter, divide the moose meat among the natives and guy with truck. Who shot the moose??? I'll let you decide.

Nothing against you my friend. You may not be doing this but there are some natives that are.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

Bye Bye Grandmothers,Uncles,Sisters & Whomever Else In The Family That Dont Know How To Hold a Gun...Let Alone Shoot One!!!

This Is My Opinion...I Couldnt Care Less Weather You Agree Or Disagree w/ It!!!
Im with you on that Wonsky. It pisses me off because you got the money to buy 15 tags that you get to go every yr. By the way Im around 23 yrs but have been lucky to be second gun a few times. Cant wait till this fall. We have 2 tags to fill.
Last had my licence in 1988.Dad has been applying since draw started,no success yet!!
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