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Some from this week

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Took a few pics off the cam on the soybean plot this morning. I don't know how well these will turn out as most are quite a distance for viewing on here without being able to blow them up a bit. Here is one, lets, see...

Ok never mind I'll crop and blow them up a little, don't mind the grainyness?? at least you can see them.

I think our 14pt from last year is actually going to be an 11 or 12 pt this year, he lost his extra 6th points for a mainframe 12...I think
Anyway he is a nice deer. I'll wait to get a closer pic to be sure but it kind of looks that way at the moment, maybe not but we'll see. Here is a few of the 7pt with high brows

Here is the antlered doe with yearlings, one doe and one spike. The doe fawn is behind her and you can't see too much of her but the pic showed the antlered doe best.

Here is one of a nice little 2 year old and a basket rack...

And here is a single spike...

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Nice pics Bowtech - keep them coming PLEASE!!

Thanks for sharing!
nice pics bowtech
looks like your gonna have a good year!

interesting about the doe!
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