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Stealth Cam 5.0 Megapixel Infrared IR1

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hey guys I am new to the trail camera game but I just picked up a pretty good deal on 2 trail camera's. Both are Stealth Cam 5.0 Megapixel Infrared IR1
here are some of the features

* 1.8" Built in COLOR TFT LCD screen (for viewing images in the field)
* Full color day time images / Black & White night images
* 63 IR emitters illuminate without using flash
* Time & Date stamped on every image
* Programable to shoot 1-3 images per triggering or 10 seconds of MPEG video
* 1-60 minute time out between triggering
* external LCD screen displays image count
* Adjustable PIR sensor
* Auxillary power port for use with optional 12V Lead Acid battery pack for extended field life

I managed to get both of these for $150 and they are both new. 1 is still in the packaging and the other only opened to test and never used in the field
I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this trail cam, or if they use one what do they think

I am figuring for the price i got them that its a great starting point and if I don't like them I will just upgrade
I only plan on setting them on basic picture taking.
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wow great deal man...i just got my first cams last week and i am excited to get them out there
what brand of batteries do you guys find hold up the best in the field. The camera's I just bought takes 6 C cell batteries
If they will run on lithiums then get some double "AA" to "C" converters and use the lithiums. Outside of that I find the "C" cell duracells best
well my camera took D cell batteries not C so I dropped 8 coppertops in 1 and its now sitting in a tree...2nd one to get put out sometime this week hopefully
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