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Sussex Gun show

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Anyone know if the Sussex Gun show has happened yet or still upcoming for this year? dates would be nice... let me know. Thanks.
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The show is on and you guys should be seeing ads in local newspapers already.
As well as posters in stores etc

Door prize this year is again a moose hunt to NFLD
Tell your friends,if you have any,and bring a van load with you.
Bring a note from wife for permission to buy!!!
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Start rolling your change and raiding the kids piggy banks.
the show is this week!!!

It is going to be great!!!!
I purchased an atv gun rack from the gun dealer at the show. I paid $69.95 I later learned Cabellas sells same for $29.95. Hunters/shooters check Your prices before purchasing at Gun Dealer Who claims He will not be undersold. Other than that the Sussex show was great.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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