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Team 10

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Heres a spot for team 10, welcome aboard Team 10

9. nbduckhunter --- Bloomfield and hampton area
56. Bull's Eye --- Zone 12/7/8
13. 700 Lefty --- Kingsclear, Scotch Settlement, Guimac and Keswick area
21. archerynutNB --- Keswick Area
32. S.Craig --- Nashwaak Valley, Zone 17/16
53. Bearhunter --- Sussex/Havelock

Any name suggestions
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I just though maybe we could share our weapons of choice and maybe a few target buck pictures or doe if you have doe tags,

I will be hunting with a bow only, rifle season or not,
also i have 2 target bucks this fall a nice 10 point and a big 8 point i have no pics of the 8 but a few of the 10, Also have lots of smaller bucks running around if one of my team mates has no luck and is looking for a spot for the last day or two.

Here is a pic of the 10 point
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As far as names i kinda like THE BONE HEADS, or ANIMAL CONTROL
As far as names i kinda like THE BONE HEADS, or ANIMAL CONTROL
Hello Team "10" Team-"MATES"! Lets throw another shrimp (or deer) on the "Bar-B"!!!

I will be as well hunting with my trusty Bowtech Tribute, the first and last weeks of bow season. And then maybe a week in gun season (if need be).
I don't have a trail cam right no visible prospects. But I am sure I can find a critter with some head bone before the season ends!
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oops didn't mean to quote you there NB! but as long as we are on the subject of team names

lets see....

The "Buckaroos"

The "Horn Headed Critter Gitters"

the "Brown Is Down Boys"

The "Rack Smack'n Six"
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i dont mind the rack smakin six
Good day Team 10! I look forward to our challenge.

I will be hunting just about everyday I possibly can. I take the 2nd Friday off until the end of the rifle season and try to sneak away from work early enough to get an evening hunt in!

I don't have any cams nor do I target any specific deer. If the right fellow comes along, good bye and I am not overly choosy! My family enjoys the meat.

For names, I like the one's suggested and to add my own thoughts, the " Ten Pointers."

Here's to a good season, team!
Actually I should have said... the "Rack Stack'n Six" It sounds better!
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i like rack stack,n six
Dang! I was a day late with that "Rackstack'n Six" team name!...That !!*&#[email protected]?? team #1 (Rackstackers)beat us to it!!
Darn you RR!!!(I just mentaly bent your rifle barrel slightly)

Ours is too similar I don't want it anymore. We should still have the six in there though...but no Rack....or smak'n either!

Oh well...back to the drawing board...or "Think Tank"!...come on guys help me out here!.......??????? Six
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Nahhh!...those sound stupid........Lets just call our team...

"The Deer Slayers"
Great name, AN! Only thing missing will be the Slayin'!
Carefull there Hoityman......

I "could" mentally twist your "bow" limbs as well.......slightly!
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Great name, Archery Nut!
Thanks Lefty!...And there will "Definitely" be some "Slay'n !!!
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Im good with the deer slayers,
Yup er''' Skunk Slayin!!
shouldn't you be out check'n on your moose RR??

Making sure that the "ROPE" isn't too tight?
....or that it hasn't chewed through it??
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