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Team 6

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Looking forward to this team's harvest.

Take a look at the zones we are hunting. Bring on the mountain deer.
Big bucks and good hunters. Just hoping for good weather now.

2. Bucknut --- Memramcook, Riverglade, Havelock, Bagdad, Peticodiac and Albert county
15. Bow-Man --- All over
36. Kevin Case --- Zone 24
25. ryhan --- Plaster Rock Area/ Zone 6,11,7
45. deadeye --- Zone 7/12
59. Bam --- Lepreau back country and the farm house on the crossroads of Wickham

I go for big bucks so hopefully I can help out.

Gonna be nice to see some long main beams and wide racks.
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Best of luck to my fellow team mates....Team six will soon be Champions lmao
Good luck gents..
Just out of curiosity and allow us to know each other a little better so we can get some team geling going on lol as time is flying and before we know it it deer season will be here...What would be my fellow team mates choice of weapons and style of hunting you like? Myself I will be hunting with blackpowder primarely and occasionaly with the 300mag depending were I'm hunting...Will use the 300 hunting the fields in Wickham and the blackpowder in the orchard... blackpowder only down the camp in Lepreau were I still hunt ridges..I have a couple blinds set with small foodplot and apples and also will still hunt srape lines with tinks once the bucks are moving well...I did buy my first bow this summer a PSE stinger a good starter bow for myself...It will take me a while to be efficent so no bow this fall for me on the deer I will wait for spring bear...Bucknut I usally go to my good buddys place in bagdad once in the fall...I use to hunt there alott at one time...maybe I will drop u a line if I'm up that way...Best of luck guys and I hope u all have a enjoyable hunting season game or not...I have 12 days vacation for deer season this year..I will be looking for a decent deer...and we should come up with a name other than team 6 lol
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"PSE stinger" Excellent bow for the price!
Keep your eye on the "2" draw module allen screws, they are notorious for loosening up in these cams (i have a brute and friend has a stinger - use same Cam), check them before you shoot and tighten regularly (or put some BLUE 242 loctite on them - not the red stuff)

Happy Hunting and good luck.

I priamrily use my Browning A Bolt stainless Stalker 300 WSM. I will be hunting some of my old spots since I got the monster I was going after last year. Nothing big on camera there so far but I plan on moving some cameras around soon. I go for big bucks and will pass on small ones even on the last day. So hopefully I will contribute to our stats with the buck I have posted photos of in the trailcam section. He should go over 150 inches. I plan on going after him during bow season since I did actually shoot my bow a few weeks ago even with my torn rotator cuff. But surgery may take place late fall. I have the last 2 weeks of deer season off and I get off work every day at 2:00 pm. So I will be in the woods just about every day of bow and/or gun. I will be revisiting some of my older spots such as Bagdad but I know the deer herd up there is diminishing. From what I have been told from a few locals this year there aren't many deer. So Bam if you get to go up then give me a holler. I plan on getting some trailcams out over some apples if the weather cools off to see what's around in good old Bagdad. Otherwise I will be hunting and doing some scouting down around Moncton.

I'll be spending most of my time right up until bow season going after moose here and in Quebec and won't have much scouting done over the next month for deer. Besides it's way to hot and we need some heavy frost.

I have hunted hydro lines, cuttings, fields and old logging roads. I also hunt ridges and heavy woods along trails.

As for a name- I don't know!
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I'll help ya'll out with a name............
team 6 and 6 members

The Hungry 6
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I hope The Hungry Six is not how we all end up!?!
Maybe someone will feel bad for us and give us a feed of fresh deer meat from there kill.
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I will be hunting strictly bow. Cant make legal distance with a rifle or shotgun where I am going. Have a few 12 pointers gorging on our feed tube, Hope to put one of those in the freezer this year.
I'll be hunting in the Albert Co area. Pine Glen, Albert Mines, Elgin... I use a Remington 308 Bolt action with open sites. Good luck team mates.
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