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Trade .223 for .22-250

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Was wondering if anyone has a stevens 22-250 and wants to trade it for a stevens .223. My stevens is mint and has only been out hunting a couple times for yotes.
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why would you want a 250? the 223 has more variety in bullet grains/loads
im looking for the extra power
im looking for the extra power
Have the best of both, rechamber your 223 to a 22-250 and you will have a fast twist 22-250.
Gord did mine(blue mountain sports) for roughly 175, that was bolthead included.
UP UP UP ... would also maybe be interessted in a deer rifle ...
I have a 308 bolt action, Douglas bull barrell, Lee Enfield action, Monte Carlo wood stock, w/scope and sling. Let me know if you want pics. Email is [email protected]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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