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Tru-Glo and UV Sight lights

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So I was looking at one of these at my favorite bow shop.

I suppose in a tree blind, they would be ideal.

But what if you have to change range quickly? Multiple pins would be better I think.

Anyone have any input on them?
Does the blue dot blind you?

What about the UV Light that people use on the sight ring?
I see a lot of stuff for sale that blocks UV on your clothing. Would a deer see that light and spook?
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If you use a peep sight a lighted pin isnt going to help you at all. If you cant see accurately through your peep it doesnt matter how much your pin is lit up. IMO
I agree with you, I bought the sight light more to help in the school gym where the lighting was terrible for the fiber-optic pickup on my old sight.

Also I have been told its good for blood trailing. Not sure if that is accurate or not tho.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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