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Want to trade 7MM Rem Mag

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I have a Remington Sendero in 7MM Rem Mag that I purchased new about 4 years ago and haven't used much. I'd like to get a 300 Win Mag or WSM of equal value if anybody out there is interested in a trade.
The Sendero is advertised as Remingtons most accurate production rifle and I have to say it certainly shoots a lot better than I do.
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any pics?
No good pics, I'll get some next time I go up to where I have the gun stored, You can see what it looks like on the Remington website and I wouldn't expect anybody to make an offer sight unseen. I'll get something up in a week or so if anybody has anything interesting to trade.
I'm really looking for something in 30 cal and am partial to Remington, Browning, Tikka.
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