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Well im addicted

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Well as if i needed another season to hunt. As I pretty much hunt every day from oct to feb, Now it looks like ill be at it for most of the year chasing coyotes. Whent out tonight with my call and my critter, About 30 mins before dark one comes out on the run right at my critter, Then he stops up about 100 yards from it. I was about 180-220 yards away. Put the crosshairs on his back and Boom, Frig I missed As i couldnt see anything. Then I could see him floppn around, couldnt beleive I hit the damn thing, As I was bassically holding Free hand. So then I got a good rest and boom No more flopping around. Not a very big coyote but all kinds of fun none the less. Gotta love my new tc venture, its 2 for 2 now.
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I'm jelous haha, spent so many days after them and never got one, or even seen one. There so smart its almost rediculous.
I live very near a composting site. Lucky for me that it draws yote's like crazy, but too bad for me that they have LOADS of food and don't have to come after my bait until well after dark.
What do you think of the TC Venture? I was looking at one at the Gun Dealor this summer. It's touted as being able to shoot at or below MOA and for $569 seems pretty to be a good deal as well.

Bill G.
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