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What is your favourite hunting knife?

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Good day folks,

One of the most important tools we carry on ourselves for hunting is a knife. Knifes are like guns; everyone has a favourite brand,be it locked blade or fixed. I am curious as to what people carry.

I have two that I use. My deer/moose knife is a Boker fixed blade that I got for Christmas from my father, quite a few years ago. The steel is german and holds an amazing edge. This knife is on my side for every big game hunt.

For partridge, I have a fixed blade D.H. Russell Grohmann Trout and Bird Knife. Great little knife and easy to sharpen.
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I carry several. Some in my vehicle, one in my pocket, and when hunting, I carry a few.

Mainly a pocket folding lock blade, I carry this all the time.
I have a fillet knife in my tackle box.
A non-serrated bear claw in my vehicle.
A machete and a hatchet in my trunk.
When hunting I carry a second pocket knife as backup, Its razor sharp.
I have several more serrated, and non-serrated in my desk.
I usually carry a couple as well. A 4 inch folding buck knife and gerber on the belt, and a bone handle puma in the pack for skinning. Hatchet in my pack or truck. Ceramic sharpener in my pack if i am walking along way in.
i have a 4" gerber folding knife serrated blade[works like a charm].i also carry a smaller 2" folding blade as a backup and i always carry my gerber folding saw on the bike or in my pack.i cannot believe how many times i have used that saw for bone, firewood,limbing etc!
kindof on another thing, i recently recieved a knife that was my great grandfathers its from solingen germany the steel with a deer bone handle.... ive tried sharpening it and was able to get a good edge but thinking it would be better to get it done by a professional and refinish the steel. Does anyone know anyone close to fredericton that will refinish a knife blade and if so do they do a good job?
My main go-to knife is a shrade drop point with a gut hook.I've used shrade knives for years and really like them.
I've got an old Schrade sharpfinger that I prefer for field dressing. For skinning deer and moose I have a large Gerber that holds a nice edge. I've got a ton of knives that I've came upon over the years. Just got back from New Glasgow and wanted to take a tour of the Grohman factory but had my wife and daughter with me. Next trip for sure.
I have a 3" Non serrated Folding Shrade and it holds an edge wonderfully.
Carry it everywhere and is used for everything
I have a Buck Omni Hunter,fixed blade.Just one of those knifes that feel good in your hand and holds a nice edge.
I will never be without my Buck 110 folder. Its engraved on the handle "David From Dad 1987" I'd cry out loud if I ever lost it.
Coldsteel OUtdoorsman or D. H. Russell Trout & Bird Knife. I have both and carry one or the other.
I carry 2" puma lockblade always always always! When I am hunting or fishing my G96 is at my side. Always always always!!!
Spyderco sage 2 titanium carry knife....cordless sawzall for cutting up lunch!
Always carry my trusty leatherman charge ALX. Used it many times from quick fixes on the bike to field dressing a moose.
Schrade folding. Love the steel.. seems quick to sharpen and holds a good edge. DH Russel fish and bird, and always got my Fiskars hatchett nearby... Nothing but good to say about all of these brands.
2 shrade old timers and a buck folding
preference to shrade here.. (both shrades are before they started making them in china... not idea how they are now)
buck 110 folding lock blade is my have too have with me knife. I've carried it since my military time in SE Asia, 40 yrs. ago. it still serves me well!
Got back to the New Glasgow area and now have 2 Grohman knives. I bought a small folder and one that was built for a customer but had a small flaw in the wood. Saved me a fair amount and was easy to repair. Definately my new favorite.
My favourite knife is my 28" machete. Iv'e had it since I was a lad and it always comes with me in the woods (other than when I'm hunting)
For hunting my favourite right now is my lock blade buck knife. I am looking to upgrade, something I can pass down to my son when he starts hunting (right now he is 3) but have not found the right one yet. I will know it when I see it. I am thinking of finding a knife maker online to make one custom for me rather than get a name brand
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