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On the rope:
RNT Short Barrel Cocobolo
RNT Daisy Cutter Ivory Acrylic
Foiles Strait Meat Honker Smoke
Zink SR-1 Copper Acrylic

On the shelf:
Buck Gardner Double Nasty 2 (Delta Waterfowl freebee)
Buck Gardner Foul Mouth 2 (Delta Waterfowl freebee)
Buck Gardner Tall Timber 2
Flextone Wood Duck Whistle (This damn thing acutally works!)
Zink PC-1 Polycarb Smoke

And if my wife reads this... yes I need them all.

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Mallardtone M-295
Mallardtone M-5
2 bands (1 from the very first duck I harvested, the other from the first duck I harvested using black powder shotgun)
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