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Where to find Muzzleloaders and supplies in NB

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I'm interested in getting a muzzle loader I have no idea what I want so a place I can handle a few would be great to help me make up my mind. I'm curious as to what dealers carry muzzle loaders and supplies in southern NB?
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Good advise AB on the above....on a side note-Better Buy does have a couple nice Knight in-lines in stock they are very nice BP rifles actually, they also carry loose pwder,flints,some sabots,cleaning supplies and triple 7....
AB are in lines in the same catagory as flint or cap in Alberta for hunting seasons lmao
real bp???cause the other crap,,lol,,is crap
what you lookin for?? i know that blue mountain has ONE traditional side lock in percussion,,it's a T/C,best there is, and it's there on consignment,,he keeps it in the house so you'll have to ask him to see it. and he carries real GOEX Black powder,,caps balls sabots and or everything else you could ever need. WARNING blackpowder makes white smoke,,,and white smoke is ADDICTIVE
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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