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Where to find Muzzleloaders and supplies in NB

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I'm interested in getting a muzzle loader I have no idea what I want so a place I can handle a few would be great to help me make up my mind. I'm curious as to what dealers carry muzzle loaders and supplies in southern NB?
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If you're looking for a traditional cap or flintlock,Blue Mountain Sports in Brown's Flats sometimes has nice MLs for sale,and is the only place I know of in the area to buy real black powder(Goex) and traditional supplies.Best to call ahead as Gord keeps odd hours at his backyard gunshop,but he's a good fella to deal with and knows his guns.
Doiron's might be worth a call?They sell guns on consignment and that's how/where I actually got a great deal on a gently used T/C Hawken.
Might try Kisch Enterprises in Quispam also?
Other than that,I think Better Buy in Lancaster Mall might carry a few .....ewwwwwww....modern in-lines if that turns your crank?
If you're getting hangfires with a flinter(or capper)it's not the rifle's fault,more of a maintenance/cleaning issue.Most likely the flash channel and/or breech was plugged up with BP residue?And that's assuming it was properly loaded with real BP and not a modern substitute like loose Pyrodex or pellets which are difficult and near impossible( in that order)to light up with a flinter....always use REAL BP in flintlocks.A pan charge of 3F with a main charge of 2F Goex will go boom every time in a properly cleaned rifle.
AB are in lines in the same catagory as flint or cap in Alberta for hunting seasons lmao
There isn't any specific ML/primitive weapon seasons in AB at this time,but there is a cpl special seasons where shotguns,MLs,both traditional and in-lines(yuk),bows,and x-bows(Dbl yuk) can be basically anything but centerfire rifles?
Oh and FWIW,crossguns are not allowed during archery only seasons.

Sorry,that's not entirely correct,x-guns are allowed during archery only by special permit for disabled hunters only.....just like Fred Bear,Saxton Pope,The Holy Pope,and God himself intended it to be.
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Wow you have issues!
Why yes,yes I do have issues with cheaters that try to circumvent the rules and weasel their way into seasons that were created in the spirit of sportsmanship and the challenge of taking game with short range weapons.
IE;I have issues with allowing cocked/ready to fire,scoped gunbows that a 13yr old girl could master in an afternoon into bow seasons,and I have issues with allowing plastic stocked,scope sighted,shotgun primered,plastic wrapped pistol bullet launching,250 yard bullseye printing modern in-lines into seasons that were created with traditional muzzleloaders in mind.

I can't really blame hunters for wanting the best equipment money can buy,that's just the nature of hunters and "Generation Instant Gratification".I blame the legislators that allow it and their ignorance of firearms.....most don't know a rifle from a shotgun,let alone an in-line from a flintlock.And to a lesser extent,the firearms manufacturers themselves,although I can't really blame them for spending untold millions on R&D of modern in-lines to satisfy the demand by hunters for the most high performance,flat shooting,long range,un-muzzleloader-like muzzleloader that they can get away with using.It's kind of ironic really that the original intent was to create a primitive weapon season for muzzleloaders,and we now have an entire sector of the firearms industry dedicated to creating modern muzzleloaders for the season?It's kinda sad really that most of the big names in ML manufacturing have either severely reduced or completely dropped traditional ML models from their lineups,T/C,Traditions,CVA just to name a few.
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Thanks for proving my point!
No problem,happy to enlighten any
and all.
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Latest greatest in-line ML scope?
....coming soon to a crossbow season near you:
I have thought about getting into muzzle loaders too, but I am only interested in the inline, because they are easier to clean, and I am interested in target shooting, not spending hours cleaning.
Hours cleaning??
Takes me 10-15 min tops to thoroughly clean and oil caplocks and/or flinter at the end of the day.
No need for hot water at the range neither,swab with a spit patch and pretty much shoot all day,as much as I want to shoot anyway.....and that's shooting dirty ol' real BP(Goex),not modern subs.
Inline makes a lot os sense to me, easy to clean, reliable ignition, faster twist barrels so should shoot a wider variety projectiles which means lots of fun at the range!!!
Caplocks are just as reliable if maintained properly.Flintlocks a wee bit less in really nasty weather(gotta keep yer powder dry),but for range plinking both will fire reliably with clean nipple or flash channel as the case may be.
Your fast twist inlines will actually have fewer choices in projectiles that they will shoot accurately.Your limiting yourself to sabots or longer,heavier lead bullets."Lots of fun at the range" equals lotsa $$ for expensive sabots,or lotsa powder and punishing recoil for heavy lead conicals.
The most economical way to have "lotsa fun" would be shooting patched round balls(PRB)that you mould yourself or can buy cheaper than dirt.($10/100?)from a dedicated,slow twist(1:60 or >),deep rifled PRB barrel.You'll also burn half the powder with PRBs vs. sabots or conicals.Not to mention half the fun of shooting traditional PRB is working up loads,experimenting with patch thickness,ball diameter,various patch lubes,and powder charges to develop the optimal load that your rifle shoots best.
Another option is to go with a "compromise" 1:48 twist such as a TC Hawken,Lyman Trade Rifle,Lyman Deerstalker etc.?They'll shoot PRBs acceptably well for cheap plinking and launch heavy conicals,Maxi-balls etc. that will thump deer and larger game with authority.
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