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Where to find Muzzleloaders and supplies in NB

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I'm interested in getting a muzzle loader I have no idea what I want so a place I can handle a few would be great to help me make up my mind. I'm curious as to what dealers carry muzzle loaders and supplies in southern NB?
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I honestly don't know if I want an in-line or not, my one experience with muzzleloaders was a flintlock that for whatever reason had a hangfire everytime I shot it so I'll probably steer clear of those for a while. Its not a favorite feeling of mine to have a gun that should have gone bang not and then waiting wonderring if it is going to fire or not.
Better Buy in Lancaster is my last choice.
I may give Kisch a call, I honestly always forget about them. They seem to keep even stranger hours then Blue Mountain.
I don't know what I want maybe I'll see if anyone at the range I'm a member of has any front suffers and would be willing to let me try them out once the road in dries out.
I'm kind or inclined to get a TC encore, I know its a inline and apparently thats blasphemous but the ability to swap other rifle barrels will let me sneak new cartridges into the house past the expense department.
I'm not in a rush just looking for a possible new toy for the summer.
Wow that contributed nothing.
But if I put that on my crossbow will I be able to make gun like 70 yard plus shots?
I can't believe how badly this got off topic.
I was just looking for a few shop recomendations with regards to who carries muzzle loaders I didn't really want the NBH soap opera to spill over into it.
This is almost enough to put someone off getting into muzzle loading.
Woody's doesn't have any yet they will order for you if you know what you want but that doesn't help when you don't know lol.
Inline makes a lot os sense to me, easy to clean, reliable ignition, faster twist barrels so should shoot a wider variety projectiles which means lots of fun at the range!!!
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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