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Where to find Muzzleloaders and supplies in NB

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I'm interested in getting a muzzle loader I have no idea what I want so a place I can handle a few would be great to help me make up my mind. I'm curious as to what dealers carry muzzle loaders and supplies in southern NB?
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There isn't any specific ML/primitive weapon seasons in AB at this time,but there is a cpl special seasons where shotguns,MLs,both traditional and in-lines(yuk),bows,and x-bows(Dbl yuk) can be basically anything but centerfire rifles?
Oh and FWIW,crossguns are not allowed during archery only seasons.

Sorry,that's not entirely correct,x-guns are allowed during archery only by special permit for disabled hunters only.....just like Fred Bear,Saxton Pope,The Holy Pope,and God himself intended it to be.
Wow you have issues!
"K" in who cares an a hole is an a hole....regardless of their handle.
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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