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WTB Moultrie Outer Housing

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Looking for the exterior housing for the old black Moultrie trail cam

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Bear attack?
Yup,last year,cracked the viewer lens and the slot for the bungee,held together for last season,but went to put it out this year and the tab snapped off.
all i use to hold them older stile cams up and i have a cupple that still take good pics is a ratchit strap workes better than the bungee they give you any way i have always put them up like that the bungee is no good try it out it works good and u can use the strap to hold that big buck on the wheeler after you shoot him to hahah cheers
ebay has them for around $10
Thanks,but I have never dealt with e-bay,nad I have heard of some real horror stories,gonna try JB weld
this week .

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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